2KW Bullford Package


Fully inclusive and installed, includes BER (price is net of grant)


  • 6 panels
  • inverter
  • FREE Solar iBoost
  • installation
  • certificates
  • FREE BER Cert



  • Qualified Material – Suitable for Residential Buildings
  • Reduced Purchase Time – Kit Includes all Essential Attachments
  • Quick to Install – 1KW can be installed in 40 mins
  • String Inverter/Hybrid Inverter – Inverters have leakage current detention component fuse free design on DC side
  • Remote Monitoring – Local data is recorded in SD card for 25 years. IV curve scanning technology, catch MPPT easily and Quickly
  • 4K and 5K Kit with Exclusive Storage Battery System – Store Energy for a Better Tomorrow
  • Service – Always there to take care of your system