Pylontech Batteries

Pylontech Batteries are a cost-effective solution for domestic households. Each battery stores 2 kwhrs of usable power. You can use as many batteries as you wish on your system, but for most households, one or two batteries (2 to 4kwhrs) is optimal for return on investment


Households tend to use most of their electricity during the evening and night time when the solar panels are no longer producing power. Even during the daytime, there is a constant mismatch between power produced by a solar array and consumption, so you are constantly importing or exporting electricity.

Modern lithium batteries are excellent at storing and releasing this surplus energy and make a huge impact on the savings you can make with a solar photovoltaic system.

Features include:

  •  Lithium Iron Phosphate to ensure safety and long life cycle
  •  Built in battery management system (BMS)
  •  10 year guarantee
  •  Up to 6,000 cycles of charge and discharge
  •  Compact stackable design

Our Solis Hybrid inverter works with most lithium batteries, including Pylontech and is a one-box solution that acts as:

  •  Solar MPPT inverter to convert power from panels to use in the house
  •  Battery charger
  •  Battery inverter to convert battery power for use in lights and appliances
  •  In the event of grid failure, you continue to have some power available for essential appliances

The combination of Solis Hybrid Inverters and Pylontech batteries provides a robust energy storage system that can dramatically improve your savings with a photovoltaic system of 2kw and above.