With SOLMATE, everyone will be able to produce their own electricity. Just set it up on the balcony, plug it into a power socket and provide your own renewable electricity for your household. SolMate is the first solar storage for the power socket.

SOLMATE – Bring sun into your home!


Solar Energy from your Balcony

The solar panels are attached to the balcony railing like a privacy screen, connected to the storage by cable and plugged into a standard wall socket. This self-generated electricity is fed back directly into this socket and is available in the entire apartment – without any construction site in your home, without any fitter or tons of paperwork.

Technical Specs

Photovoltaic panels with 105 Wpeak each (total 525 Wpeak)
Akku Capacity 960 Wh LiFePO4 technology (20 Ah, 48V)
Power 500 Wmax AC (On-grid and 600 W Off-grid)
Weight 25 kg (SolMate), 2.5 kg (per PV panel)
Dimensions 75x55x10 cm (SolMate), 105 × 69 cm (PV panel)